Battle of Belleau Wood, 1918

BATTLE OF BELLEAU WOOD – WWI 1–26 June 1918 SUMMARY The first large-scale American battle of WWI was the Battle of Belleau Wood.  Two U.S. Army Divisions, a Marine Brigade, along with French and British troops, went on the offensive and repelled elements from 5 German Divisions from their defensive positions in the French woods […]

Vietnam War

Vietnam War

THE VIETNAM WAR—1954-1975 THE FRENCH BEGINNING From 1883-1945, Vietnam was part of colonial French Indochina. In 1949, France creates the State of Vietnam in the south as communists take control of the north. French defeated at Dien Bien Phu in 1959; ending French colonialism in Indochina. Tanks firing in support of French infantry at Dien […]


The Punic Wars

THE PUNIC WARS The Punic Wars were three conflicts between Rome in Italy and Carthage in northern Africa which occurred over the course of almost a hundred years, beginning with a dispute over control of Sicily and culminating in the complete destruction of the Carthaginian city and state. THE ROMANS The Roman Republic had been […]


The Gallic Wars

THE GALLIC WARS – 58-50BC The Gallic wars were a series of military campaigns waged by Julius Caesar against the Gauls, a collection of tribes which occupied modern-day Switzerland, Belgium, and France. While Gallic tribes regularly traded with Roman merchants, the two powers had a history of conflicts, with the Gauls invading Italy and threatening […]


Wilton, Battle of, 871

THE BATTLE OF WILTON – VIKING INVASION LATE MAY 871 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Wessex Saxons and the Vikings —-oOo—- BACKGROUND The Vikings had invaded England and taken Northumbria, East Anglia and Mercia. Wessex alone stood against the invaders. In January 871 the Vikings had taken Reading and made it their base. —-oOo—- LOCATION […]

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