Maldon, Battle of 991

Maldon, Battle of 991

THE BATTLE OF MALDON – VIKING INVASION 10th August 991 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the forces of Earl Bryhtnoth and the Vikings —-oOo—- BACKGROUND There had been on-going battles between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. The Vikings had a strong presence in Essex and wanted to maintain that presence. —-oOo—- LOCATION by the River […]


Meretum, Battle of, 871

THE BATTLE OF MERETUM (MARTON) – VIKING INVASION 22nd March 871 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Wessex Saxons and the Vikings —-oOo—- BACKGROUND  This was the fifth battle in three months fought between the Vikings and the Saxons —-oOo—- LOCATION Exact location unknown, England —-oOo—- ANGLO SAXONS LED BY Aethered I of Wessex SUPPORTED BY Alfred […]


Mortemer, Battle of, 1053

THE BATTLE OF MORTEMER 1053 SUMMARY This was a battle saw a decisive victory for the forces of William, Duke of Normandy over the combined forces of King Henry I of France and Geoffrey Count of Anjou. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND William had become Duke of Normandy in 1035 following the death of his father, Robert. William […]

Byzantine army

Montemaggiore, Battle of, 1041

THE BATTLE OF MONTEMAGGIORE – NORMAN LOMBARD REVOLT 4th May 1041 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Byzantine army and a joint Norman-Lombard force —-oOo—- BACKGROUND This battle was a part of a Norman-Lombard revolt against the Byzantine Empire. —-oOo—- LOCATION Close to the Ofanto River, Southern Italy —-oOo—- BYZANTINE VARANGIAN GUARD LED BY […]

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