Battle of Lexington and Concord, 1775

BATTLE OF LEXINGTON AND CONCORD – AMERICAN REVOLUTION 19 APRIL 1775 SUMMARY The Battle of Lexington and Concord was the first battle of the American Revolution and included the “the shot heard round the world.”  A surprising American victory that bolstered the confidence of the American colonists. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Following orders of Gen. Thomas Gates, […]


Battle of Lake Trasimene, 217BC

THE BATTLE OF LAKE TRASIMENE 217BC SUMMARY The Battle of Lake Trasimene was a brutally successful ambush, with Hannibal’s forces all but annihilating 30,000 Romans in a matter of hours. The battle caused the Romans to have a new respect for Hannibal’s strength and military prowess, and caused them to avoid direct engagements in the […]

Little Bighorn

Little Bighorn, Battle of, 1876

THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIGHORN – INDIAN WARS 25th – 26th JuNE 1876 SUMMARY This notorious battle of the Indian wars saw the defeat and massacre of the seventh cavalry under General George Custer by the Lakota and Cheyenne Indians —-oOo—- BACKGROUND The Sioux and Cheyenne had been promised that their sacred land in the Black Hills […]

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