Battle of Hamburger Hill, 1969

BATTLE OF HAMBURGER HILL – VIETNAM WAR 10 MAY-23 MAY 1969 SUMMARY The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division with nearly 3,000 troops assaulted Hill 937; and took it from the occupying 1260 soldiers of the North Vietnamese 29th Regiment in a 13-day battle.  In the course of battle, the U.S. forces dropped 1,088 ½ tons […]

Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775

BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL – AMERICAN REVOLUTION 17 JUNE 1775 SUMMARY The Battle of Bunker Hill was an early battle of the American Revolution near Boston, Massachusetts where a lack of ammunition doomed the Americans to a defeat, but at a heavy cost for the British. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND After learning that the British planned on […]

Stiklestad, Battle of 1030

Helgea, Battle of 1026

THE BATTLE OF HELGEA unknown date 1026 SUMMARY This was a naval battle fought between Cnut of England and Denmark and a combined Swedish and Norwegian force —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Cnut had taken the English throne in 1016 becoming ruler of both England and Denmark. While Cnut was in England the Swedes and Norwegians had launched a series of […]


The Holme, Battle of, 902

THE BATTLE OF THE HOLME –  VIKING INVASION 13th December 902 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Wessex Saxons and the Vikings —-oOo—- BACKGROUND  Alfred’s son, Edward, had been made King after the death of his father. However, Alfred had been made King over Aethelwold, son of Alfred’s elder brother Aethelwold. After the death of Alfred […]


Hastings, Battle of, 1066

THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS – NORMAN CONQUEST 14th October 1066 SUMMARY This was a decisive battle fought between an advancing Norman army led by William Duke of Normandy and a defensive Saxon Army led by Harold Godwinson. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND William, Duke of Normandy had spent much time with Edward the Confessor during the latter’s exile […]

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