20th Century Battles

Battle of Ia Drang, 1965

BATTLE OF IA DRANG – VIETNAM WAR 14 November – 18 November 1965 SUMMARY In the first true battle of the Vietnam War, an estimated 2,500 North Vietnamese soldiers were met by about 1,000 United States Army cavalry troops being transported into battle for the first time by helicopter.  After a nearly week-long battle, both […]


Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord, 1970

BATTLE OF FIRE SUPPORT BASE RIPCORD – VIETNAM WAR 12 March – 23 July 1970 SUMMARY An estimated 25,000 North Vietnamese soldiers attacked 4 battalions of the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division in a 4 ½ month battle that ended with the U.S. abandoning Fire Support Base Ripcord. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND As part of Operation […]


Tet Offensive, 1968

TET OFFENSIVE – VIETNAM WAR 30 January – 23 September 1968 SUMMARY Between 323,000 – 595,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces attacked more than 100 cities, villages and military installations in South Vietnam as part of the Tet Offensive (so named because it occurred during the lunar New Year known as “Tet”).  More than […]


Battle of Khe Sanh, 1968

BATTLE OF KHE SANH – VIETNAM WAR 21 January – 9 July 1968 SUMMARY Around 40,000 U.S. Marines and their allies fought an estimated 20,000-30,000 North Vietnamese regulars in the longest and bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War.  The Battle of Khe Sanh was part of the Tet Offense and was the first time the […]


Battle of Hamburger Hill, 1969

BATTLE OF HAMBURGER HILL – VIETNAM WAR 10 MAY-23 MAY 1969 SUMMARY The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division with nearly 3,000 troops assaulted Hill 937; and took it from the occupying 1260 soldiers of the North Vietnamese 29th Regiment in a 13-day battle.  In the course of battle, the U.S. forces dropped 1,088 ½ tons […]


Kursk, Battle of, 1943

THE BATTLE OF KURSK – WORLD WAR TWO 4th – 20th July 1943 SUMMARY This was the largest tank battle of World War Two. It was fought between Germany and Russia and was a victory for Russia —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Adolf Hitler wanted to defeat the Russian army in the East and thereby force a collapse of Russia’s alliance with […]

Jutland, Battle of, 1916

Jutland, Battle of, 1916

THE BATTLE OF JUTLAND – WORLD WAR ONE 3rd May 1916 – 1st June 1916 SUMMARY This was the only major naval battle of World War One and the outcome was inconclusive —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Prior to the outbreak of World War One, Britain and Germany had been involved in a naval race. Both nations had built impressive battleships and […]


Iwo Jima, Battle of, 1945

THE BATTLE OF IWO JIMA – WORLD WAR TWO 19th February 1945 – 16th March 1945 SUMMARY This was a decisive battle that resulted in the American capture of the Japanese held island of Iwo Jima —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Following the US capture of the Marshall Islands in February 1944 and the Mariana islands in the Summer, the Japanese […]


Cambrai, First Battle of, 1917

FIRST BATTLE OF CAMBRAI – WORLD WAR ONE 20th November – 3rd December 1917 SUMMARY This battle was an inconclusive battle that is noted for being the first to use tanks en masse. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND The British army were keen to try out a masse tank attack on German lines believing that the new weapon […]

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