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Olivento, Battle of, 1041

THE BATTLE OF OLIVENTO – NORMAN LOMBARD REVOLT 17th March 1041 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Byzantine army and a joint Norman-Lombard force —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Arduin the Lombard was a former member of the Byzantine army who had decided to ally himself with the Normans. It was agreed that if victorious land in […]


Nisa, Battle of, 1062

THE BATTLE OF NISA – NORSE INVASION OF DENMARK 9th August 1062 SUMMARY This was a naval battle between Harald Hardrada of Norway and Sweyn Estrithson of Denmark. Although the Nowegians were victorious they allowed so many Danes, including Estrithson, to escape that it was no victory at all. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND In 1045 Harald Hardrada […]


Mortemer, Battle of, 1053

THE BATTLE OF MORTEMER 1053 SUMMARY This was a battle saw a decisive victory for the forces of William, Duke of Normandy over the combined forces of King Henry I of France and Geoffrey Count of Anjou. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND William had become Duke of Normandy in 1035 following the death of his father, Robert. William […]

Byzantine army

Montemaggiore, Battle of, 1041

THE BATTLE OF MONTEMAGGIORE – NORMAN LOMBARD REVOLT 4th May 1041 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Byzantine army and a joint Norman-Lombard force —-oOo—- BACKGROUND This battle was a part of a Norman-Lombard revolt against the Byzantine Empire. —-oOo—- LOCATION Close to the Ofanto River, Southern Italy —-oOo—- BYZANTINE VARANGIAN GUARD LED BY […]

Little Bighorn

Little Bighorn, Battle of, 1876

THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIGHORN – INDIAN WARS 25th – 26th JuNE 1876 SUMMARY This notorious battle of the Indian wars saw the defeat and massacre of the seventh cavalry under General George Custer by the Lakota and Cheyenne Indians —-oOo—- BACKGROUND The Sioux and Cheyenne had been promised that their sacred land in the Black Hills […]


Kursk, Battle of, 1943

THE BATTLE OF KURSK – WORLD WAR TWO 4th – 20th July 1943 SUMMARY This was the largest tank battle of World War Two. It was fought between Germany and Russia and was a victory for Russia —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Adolf Hitler wanted to defeat the Russian army in the East and thereby force a collapse of Russia’s alliance with […]

Jutland, Battle of, 1916

Jutland, Battle of, 1916

THE BATTLE OF JUTLAND – WORLD WAR ONE 3rd May 1916 – 1st June 1916 SUMMARY This was the only major naval battle of World War One and the outcome was inconclusive —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Prior to the outbreak of World War One, Britain and Germany had been involved in a naval race. Both nations had built impressive battleships and […]


Iwo Jima, Battle of, 1945

THE BATTLE OF IWO JIMA – WORLD WAR TWO 19th February 1945 – 16th March 1945 SUMMARY This was a decisive battle that resulted in the American capture of the Japanese held island of Iwo Jima —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Following the US capture of the Marshall Islands in February 1944 and the Mariana islands in the Summer, the Japanese […]

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