12th Century Battles

David I of Scotland

The Standard, Battle of 1138

THE BATTLE OF THE STANDARD – THE ANARCHY 22nd August 1138 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between David I of Scotland and an English army raised by Archbishop Thurstan of York. The battle was named because the English fought round a wagon bearing the banners of the northern saints. —-oOo—- BACKGROUND After the death of Henry […]

Battle of Arsuf

Arsuf, Battle of, 1191

THE BATTLE OF ARSUF – THIRD CRUSADE 7th September 1191 SUMMARY This was a decisive battle fought between the forces of the Third Crusade forces led by Richard I of England and the forces of Saladin —-oOo—- BACKGROUND The army of the Third Crusade had captured Acre earlier in 1191. They now pushed south towards […]

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