10th Century Battles

Ethelred the Unready

Maldon, Battle of 991

THE BATTLE OF MALDON – VIKING INVASION 10th August 991 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the forces of Earl Bryhtnoth and the Vikings —-oOo—- BACKGROUND There had been on-going battles between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. The Vikings had a strong presence in Essex and wanted to maintain that presence. —-oOo—- LOCATION by the River […]

Battle of Brunanburh

Brunanburh, Battle of 937

THE BATTLE OF BRUNANBURH – VIKING INVASION October 937 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between Aethelstan of England and the allied armies of Constantine II of Scotland, Owain of Strathclyde and Olaf Guthfrithson of Dublin —-oOo—- BACKGROUND Aethelstan had taken York from the Vikings in 927 and received the submission of Ealdred of Bamburgh, Constantine of […]

Constantine II of Scotland

Corbridge, Battle of, 918

THE BATTLE OF CORBRIDGE – VIKING INVASION unknown date in 918 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Vikings led by Ragnall and the combined forces of Constantine II of Scotland and Ealdred of Bamburgh —-oOo—- BACKGROUND The Viking Ragnall had previously driven Ealdred out of Bamburgh. He had allied with Constantine II of Scotland to try to […]

Peterborough Chronicle first page

Tettenhall, Battle of, 910

THE BATTLE OF TETTENHALL (WEDNESFIELD) – VIKING INVASION 5th August 910 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the combined forces of Wessex and Mercia against the Northumbrian Vikings —-oOo—- BACKGROUND The Vikings had managed to take over Northumbria and ruled it under Danelaw. The Anglo Saxons had made a number of raids into Northumbria and had succeeded […]

Alfred the Great's will

The Holme, Battle of, 902

THE BATTLE OF THE HOLME –  VIKING INVASION 13th December 902 SUMMARY This was a battle fought between the Wessex Saxons and the Vikings —-oOo—- BACKGROUND  Alfred’s son, Edward, had been made King after the death of his father. However, Alfred had been made King over Aethelwold, son of Alfred’s elder brother Aethelwold. After the death of Alfred […]

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