Siege of Carthage

Siege of Carthage, 146BC

SIEGE OF CARTHAGE 146BC SUMMARY The siege of Carthage was the final blow of the Punic Wars, with Rome systematically destroying the city after a three-year siege. BACKGROUND Carthage had suffered a series of military and political defeats in the years since the Second Punic War, which left it vulnerable to attack. Sensing weakness, Rome […]

Battle of Cannae

Battle of Cannae, 216BC

BATTLE OF CANNAE SUMMARY The Battle of Cannae is one of the most famous engagements of the ancient world. Hannibal had successfully crossed into Italy and decisively defeated Rome’s armies at Trebia and Lake Trasimene. Rome raised a new army and met the Carthaginian army in pitched battle. The Carthaginian army managed to surround and […]

Battle of Lake Trasimene

Battle of Lake Trasimene, 217BC

THE BATTLE OF LAKE TRASIMENE 217BC SUMMARY The Battle of Lake Trasimene was a brutally successful ambush, with Hannibal’s forces all but annihilating 30,000 Romans in a matter of hours. The battle caused the Romans to have a new respect for Hannibal’s strength and military prowess, and caused them to avoid direct engagements in the […]

The Battle of Tunis

The Battle of Tunis, 255BC

THE BATTLE OF TUNIS 255BC SUMMARY After a series of victories in Sicily, Rome began a campaign to attack Carthage directly. Carthage raised a large mercenary force in response, and successfully repelled the Romans from Africa. BACKGROUND Rome had invaded Africa the previous year, and Carthage itself was under threat. Carthage quickly raised a powerful […]

The Battle of Agrigentum

The Battle of Agrigentum, 262BC

THE BATTLE OF AGRIGENTUM  262BC SUMMARY The Battle or Agrigentum was the first engagement of the Punic Wars. Vying for control of Sicily, the Romans successfully laid siege to the city of Agrigentum and soundly defeated Carthaginian reinforcements. BACKGROUND Rome and Carthage had slowly been building their forces in Sicily while responding to local disputes. […]

The Punic Wars

The Punic Wars

THE PUNIC WARS The Punic Wars were three conflicts between Rome in Italy and Carthage in northern Africa which occurred over the course of almost a hundred years, beginning with a dispute over control of Sicily and culminating in the complete destruction of the Carthaginian city and state. THE ROMANS The Roman Republic had been […]

Battle of Alesia

Battle of Alesia, 52BC

BATTLE OF ALESIA – GALLIC WAR 52BC SUMMARY The final decisive battle of the Gallic wars, Alesia saw Julius Caesar’s forces surround and finally defeat Vercingetorix’s army at a hill fort. BACKGROUND Having been elected to take control of the main Gaul army, Vercingetorix attacked Caesar’s legions but was repelled and forced to withdraw to […]

Siege of Cicero's Camp

Siege of Cicero’s Camp, 54-53BC

SIEGE OF CICERO’S CAMP – GALLIC WAR Winter 54-53BC SUMMARY The siege of Cicero’s camp was a key event in the Gallic wars, when multiple tribes came together to attempt to rid their lands of Roman invaders. The Gauls took advantage of the exhausted and thinly spread legions returning from Britain for the winter, and […]

Gaul on the eve of the Gallic Wars

The Battle of Octodurus, 57-56BC

BATTLE OF OCTODURUS – GALLIC WAR Winter 57-56BC SUMMARY The Battle of Octodurus BACKGROUND The Gallic town of Octodurus lay at an important pass through the alps. The pass was important to Roman trade, but merchants were often attacked or forced to pay large tolls by the Gaul inhabitants. Caesar sent a legion to secure […]

The Battle of Bibracte

The Battle of Bibracte, 59BC

THE BATTLE OF BIBRACTE – GALLIC WARS 58BC SUMMARY While pursuing the fleeing Helvetii after the Battle of the Arar, Roman supplies began to run low. They were forced to turn back from their pursuit of the Helvetii people. The Helvetii took this as an opportunity to follow and harass the Roman legions. Seeing the […]

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