Brentford, Battle of 1016

Knut der Große


9th May 1016


This was a decisive battle fought the Danish Vikings and the Anglo Saxons



In 1013 Sweyn Forkbeard had conquered much of England and had proclaimed himself King of the land. When he died in 1014 he nominated his son Cnut to be King but the Anglo-Saxons chose to recall exiled former King Aethelred the Unready. Cnut decided to fight for the crown and invaded with a large force in 1015.  Aethelred died in 1016 and his son Edmund became King infuriating Cnut even more.



Brentwood, Essex, England



Led by
King Edmund Ironside



Led by
Cnut of Denmark



Anglo Saxon victory



Although Edmund II succeeded in defeating Cnut in this battle, five months later Cnut beat the Anglo Saxons at the Battle of Assandun. When Edmund died in November 1016 Cnut became King.

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