The Battle of Tunis, 255BC

The Battle of Tunis




After a series of victories in Sicily, Rome began a campaign to attack Carthage directly. Carthage raised a large mercenary force in response, and successfully repelled the Romans from Africa.


Rome had invaded Africa the previous year, and Carthage itself was under threat. Carthage quickly raised a powerful mercenary army, including elephants and cavalry, under the command of the Spartan general Xanthippus, to face the encroaching legions.


Tunis, Tunisia


15,000 infantry and 500 cavalry


12,000 infantry, 4,000 cavalry and 100 elephants.


Xanthippus opened the battle with an attack from his elephants, breaking up the Roman infantry. With a massive numerical advantage, the Carthaginian cavalry quickly defeated their Roman counterparts and turned to charge the Roman infantry, who were quickly broken.


Decisive Carthaginian Victory


The end of the Roman invasion of Africa.

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