Siege of Carthage, 146BC

Siege of Carthage




The siege of Carthage was the final blow of the Punic Wars, with Rome systematically destroying the city after a three-year siege.


Carthage had suffered a series of military and political defeats in the years since the Second Punic War, which left it vulnerable to attack. Sensing weakness, Rome contrived to declare war and marched on the city of Carthage itself.


Carthage, near Tunis, Tunisia


80,000 infantry and 4,000 cavalry led by Scipio


30,000 troops, 300 elephants, and 4,000 cavalry as well as around 350,000 civilians.


After a three-year siege, a Roman assault finally managed to breach the city walls. After a week of heavy fighting throughout the city the defenders were thoroughly defeated and the Roman legions completely sacked and destroyed the town.


Complete destruction of Carthage.


Carthage ceased to exist, with its land divided between Romans and local farmers.

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